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Mothballing the Hammer 24 March 2012

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Like many bloggers, over the past couple years, I lost my direction and interest in the blog; so my postings on Todd’s Hammer have gradually slowed down to a bare trickle. Much has changed in my life, both personally and professionally—not least of which, receiving tenure—and I find myself in a different intellectual and emotional space that demands a fresh start and a new direction.

So I have decided to mothball Todd’s Hammer. Posts will remain up as a dubious record of my efforts to try ideas out, make a fool of myself, and work through intellectual and cultural problems in a public forum. But commenting will be disabled.

You can find my current blog posts and new writing at Doing, Undergoing, and Meaning. I look forward to many years to come of thinking, writing, and discussing ideas about human social and cultural life.


A Whole New Blog 18 April 2008

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I’ve decided to separate my blogging life into two parts, one of them more formal and intellectual, focusing on my academic and intellectual work, and the other more broad ranging and personal. Todd’s Hammer is going to become what I’d always conceived of it to be, which is a space for me to work on my ideas and perhaps create dialogue with friends and colleagues about them, whenever possible. So I’m removing all of the personal, jokey, real-life kinds of posts to another blog, and I’m narrowing the focus of the Hammer.

For friends and family, I will cross-post everything from the Hammer to the personal blog so you’ll only have to keep track of one blog. I’m keeping the new blog somewhat private, so please email me directly, if you haven’t already gotten the new blog URL.

Contextualizing Economic Facts 12 July 2007

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Dean Baker is the resident economist over at The American Prospect, and he writes an amazing blog called Beat the Press, wherein he takes the news coverage of economic issues and picks it apart for factual and contextual errors. Fascinating stuff.

I also love Paul Krugman, but the morons over at the NYTimes.com make you pay to read their columnists.

Todd’s Hammer a Threat to the People’s Revolution 3 March 2007

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It’s official, folks. My URL has been blocked by the People’s Party of China. I guess there’s way too much freedom-talk and fornication here abouts, and we know how talk of freedom and sex disrupts the Maoist project of religious, social, sexual, intellectual and political repression (but not economic repression, of course: the Free Trade Zones are among the most Laissez-Faire in the world–hence the massive human rights and workers’ rights violations occuring there (not to mention massive polution)).

All hail the Great Mao!

See if the People’s Firewwall blocks your website: Great Firewall of China.

My First Religious Troll! 13 November 2006

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It’s an auspicious day at the Hammer. Although I’ve had many Mormons responding to some of my posts (in general, they are respectful and engage me in argument), today I got my first religious troll telling me that I’ll get mine in the end! The comment was in response to one of my “religion and science” posts.

Disappointingly, it’s actually mediocre as far as religious troll comments go, but I’m excited to have popped my cherry. You know you’re doing something right if the wingnuts take the time to post. As usual, it’s full of creative spelling and barely discernable 4th grade grammar, and numbskull thinking.

Anywayz, I think you are too pragamtic and so you don’t really see the truth, about any huge religion such as christianity and Islam or Judheism. The similarities and all. Religion will and always will exist and common sense tells you that there is a reason why it exists and God is real and I am very insulted about the offhand way you speak about religion “At the same time , I do think there is something to religion that is worth saving” . As if you and anyone can change or destroy religion to “save”, excuuuuuuuse me. You will find out sooner or later as well as the rest of you pragmatics. It is through ignorance or misinterpreting the true meaning behind religion that has misguided you poor people, not to mention the people who influence you. May God help you all.

So precious. I really appreciate and welcome religious posters who want to engage in discussion, dialogue, debate…hey, that alliterated! But name calling and silly promises of eternal fire (albeit oblique in this comment) have only entertainment value.