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Free Speech 101: Mormon Edition 9 November 2008

Posted by Todd in 2008 Elections, Democratic Theory, Gay Rights, Mormonism/LDS Church.

Please read Chanson’s great post at Mainstreet Plaza explaining to Mormons why protesting at their temples does not violate their rights. My favorite paragraph:

But seriously folks, free expression 101: your right of free speech doesn’t guarantee you protection from having other people tell you that what you freely said was wrong. You know it, and I know you know it, so please cut the B.S.

Here’s my post from a couple years ago on American Christianity’s basic misunderstanding of free speech, “Free Speech, and Insulting Religion.”



1. C. L. Hanson - 10 November 2008

Thanks, I’m glad you like my little post!

It’s irritating that instead of responding to their critics, the LDS church devoted their entire press release to disputing whether their critics have any right to engage them in political discourse in the public arena. So the critics of the church’s political positions are pushed back one step and are mired in explaining that, yes, they do have a right to free speech, just as much as the church does.

And the church did this in the same statement where they’re calling for civility and mutual respect! That’s what really galls me.

2. Dave Westwood - 27 December 2008

The illusion of certainty seems to be a common feeling among all sorts of true believers. I suspect that devout orthodox Mormons felt their speech and political activity was God directed and hence fair. I doubt it occurred to them that their speech and political actions could be framed as just as intrusive and acrimonious as that of the protesters who voiced their displeasure at Mormon temples.

I do feel that both sides could benefit from stepping back and focusing on civil debate to search for common ground or mutual toleration.

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