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A Whole New Blog 18 April 2008

Posted by Todd in Blog.

I’ve decided to separate my blogging life into two parts, one of them more formal and intellectual, focusing on my academic and intellectual work, and the other more broad ranging and personal. Todd’s Hammer is going to become what I’d always conceived of it to be, which is a space for me to work on my ideas and perhaps create dialogue with friends and colleagues about them, whenever possible. So I’m removing all of the personal, jokey, real-life kinds of posts to another blog, and I’m narrowing the focus of the Hammer.

For friends and family, I will cross-post everything from the Hammer to the personal blog so you’ll only have to keep track of one blog. I’m keeping the new blog somewhat private, so please email me directly, if you haven’t already gotten the new blog URL.



1. Ian (BearLeft) - 22 April 2008

Hey there – I happened to surf across your blog right before the re-design, and would be interested in reading both the Couch and the Hammer. I’m developing my own public blog now – url below – after doing private blogging on livejournal for three years now. You’ll find that our interests overlap enough that I’ve also reviewed Nan Boyd’s book (in press for Oral History Review), for starters.

all the best,

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