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A Sociological Meme 23 February 2008

Posted by Todd in Academia & Education, Social Sciences.
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[Updated below]

So I wasn’t tagged on this (which is fine), but read it on the GlobalSociology blog; and since I don’t know any sociologists who blog I won’t be tagging anyone else. But the general idea is pretty fun so any of my readers should feel free to jump on board and try it out for fun.

Pick sentence 6-8 on page 123 of the nearest book, write them down and pass the game on to 5 other bloggers.

From Kwama Anthony Appiah, The Ethics of Identity (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2005), which I’ve been reviewing for an upcoming lecture on identity politics.

Yet if I and my ‘culture’ are Kokoran [in Esotnia], and I cannot practice my culture on my own, what will Kymlickan ‘multicultural citizenship’ offer me? Is the state to provide me with others from my hometown? Nobody would suggest such a thing, and not merely because of administrative costs.

Huh. Random sentences from a relatively complex, book-length argument, taken out of context are almost surreal, aren’t they?

UPDATE: Per comment below, I hereby tag Wry Catcher, sociologist for The Man. teehee



1. wry catcher - 24 February 2008

I’m just offended that you said you don’t know any sociologists who blog.

2. wry catcher - 25 February 2008

Oh I see, I’m not a REAL sociologist. I get it.

Hmph anyhow.


3. molly-o - 25 February 2008

Unrelated to memes and sociologists, this was in yesterday’s Washington Post magazine: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/02/20/AR2008022001966.html

4. Todd - 25 February 2008

Horray for Karl! Did you see the youtube video where he demonstrates how to participate in the Leap Day Revolution?? It’s hysterical funny.

*sigh* I miss Karl. 😦

5. Todd - 25 February 2008

being a sociologist for the The Man is no indicator of the relative reality of your sociologicity, only about whether you use your powers for Good or Evil. 😀

6. chloe - 25 February 2008

as I am NOT a sociologist I cannot play the game, although the readings, well, part of my field, no? oh, and I don’t blog, I just play scrabulous on facebook, addicted.

7. Todd - 25 February 2008

Please re-read last sentence of first paragraph: “But the general idea is pretty fun so any of my readers should feel free to jump on board and try it out for fun.”

Oh wait, you deleted your blog! 😦

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9. wry catcher - 1 March 2008

For some reason I missed the new comments before, but “sociologicity” made me lawl. Thanks. 😀

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