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Tipping Point 2012: Irreversible Climate Change 12 December 2007

Posted by Todd in Environment, Politics.
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If any of you are following the most recent developments in the Global Warming catastrophe, the IPCC released a couple weeks ago it’s fourth report synthesizing the scientific findings concerning the human connections to global warming and the accelerating effects. If you are concerned at all about this issue, please put links on your blogs. This report got almost zero press coverage in the U.S. (no big surprise) and, Katie Curic’s grilling (snicker) of the candidates last night notwithstanding, Americans as a whole remain blissfully ignorant as they stroll casually into irreversible environmental damage.

This most recent report says that if the trends continue at the current pace, we will have passed the “tipping point” by 2012. I’m not much of an alarmist, but the more I learn, the more freaky this gets.

Here’s a brief salon.com article running down the high points. And here’s the IPCC report itself.



1. playasinmar - 12 December 2007

I’m too stressed waiting for Avian Flu, Gang Violence, Shark attacks, and Flesh-Eating Bacteria to kill me to hear any new alarm bells.

2. C - 13 December 2007

Blog posted. Thanks for the link to the report!

3. philip clarkson - 18 March 2008

“That industrial wheel, coupled to global eco stewardship, has come full circle.

Whatever we do now, about climate change, will ultimately be good for the planet.

Long live the planet.”

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