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The Stupity of Sex Laws in Texas 21 May 2007

Posted by Todd in Commentary, Democratic Theory, Law/Courts, Queer Theory, Sexuality.

The world will never be the same without Molly Ivins. Watch, laugh, weep.

Hat tip to Ed Brayton.



1. Equality - 21 May 2007

Ironic that the knucklehead legislator from Pampa ended up doing more for gay rights (indirectly) than any other state legislator in the nation. That law gave us Lawrence v. Texas (eventually).

A couple years ago, there was a lady arrested in a polic sting operation for holding a “Passion Party” in a suburb of Dallas. Made national news. I think the law was changed after that (though that may have been a local ordinance she ran afoul of; I’m not sure).

Craziness. This illustrates why I am a kneejerk libertarian. I don’t trust meddlesome politicians of either the left or right variety. They are both about control: they just have different things they want to force the individual to give up.

2. Todd - 21 May 2007

I’m with you if I can specify knee-jerk civil rights libertarianism. 🙂

3. belaja - 24 May 2007

I love how deadpan the clerk in that store was. 🙂

I heart Molly Ivins. I miss her still.

4. Kristina - 29 June 2007

it’s illegeal for a prick to touch an ashole!! I love it!

5. Noremac - 9 August 2008

I dont understand how the government can limit what we do to our body or do to anothers body if its consentual or even wanted as long as there is no intent to kill yourself or the other person

6. elizabeth - 17 October 2008

I say is this really a free country??? Or do they control what we do..

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