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Abortion 26 April 2007

Posted by Todd in Commentary, Gender, Law/Courts, Sexuality.

With the Supreme Court upholding the bans on so-called “partial birth abortion” (a rare procedure used only in dire circumstances) without the expected health exception, abortion has made its way back into my consciousness. I’m pro-choice, reflexively so, and view the moral questions around abortion to be a deeply complex and personal amalgam that individuals must grapple with for themselves. I do not think the state has any business interfering. And I think most pro-lifers should pay more attention to their own lives instead of trying to regulate other people’s crotches.

Stories like this man’s (yes, I said man) bring home for me why this issue is so frought and so personal and why the Supreme Court has rightly ruled that it’s an issue of privacy and why the Roberts Court was wrong this week:

from Disgusted Beyond Belief.



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2. Hope - 4 May 2007

Thank you for linking that. I had a very personal experience with abortion last year. I still wish nobody had them, but I am glad it was available and legal when my loved one needed one.

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