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Todd’s Hammer a Threat to the People’s Revolution 3 March 2007

Posted by Todd in Blog, Democratic Theory, Political Commentary.

It’s official, folks. My URL has been blocked by the People’s Party of China. I guess there’s way too much freedom-talk and fornication here abouts, and we know how talk of freedom and sex disrupts the Maoist project of religious, social, sexual, intellectual and political repression (but not economic repression, of course: the Free Trade Zones are among the most Laissez-Faire in the world–hence the massive human rights and workers’ rights violations occuring there (not to mention massive polution)).

All hail the Great Mao!

See if the People’s Firewwall blocks your website: Great Firewall of China.



1. C. L. Hanson - 3 March 2007

Wow, my site isn’t blocked!!! Interesting, considering the stuff I post… 😉

Yet I guess I’m not that surprised since I’ve gotten hits from China.

2. wry catcher - 5 March 2007

I don’t know if mine’s blocked, I haven’t checked. I just wanted to say your picture of the Alsace looks fab up there on top of your blog!!

3. diana s. - 6 March 2007


4. Randy - 8 March 2007

Last time I looked, 10% of my hits were from China. God only knows how many people there obsess about things like HBO and silly Internet quizzes.

5. ripzip - 12 March 2007

Woohoo! I’m blocked as well. Commie bastards!

6. Belaja - 17 March 2007

I’m blocked too! And after all those nice things I said about Chinese propagandists!

7. Diane Vera - 17 May 2007

WordPress.com as a whole seems to be blocked, not just your site.

8. Chino Blanco - 18 August 2007

My experience has been that only Times & Seasons is reliably available behind The Great Firewall of China … the rest of the bloggernacle appears to be mostly blocked based on casual/random attempts at accessing it from Shanghai and Beijing.

Now I came across this comment at Times & Seasons today, and apparently it is exactly the same situation in Saudi Arabia as well:


What’s up with that?

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