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Good News! 18 February 2007

Posted by Todd in Academia & Education.

My 2nd year tenure dossier has officially been accepted by the Provost at my university. The tenure process can be mysterious and downright vexing, but I’m lucky to be at an institution with a transparent and well-documented process, so you know where you are every step of the way. We have big university dossier reviews on even years, with tenure being awarded (if all goes well) following the 6th year. During odd years, there is a mini, college-level review. So this was my first big hurdle toward tenure.

I am worried about the amount of research and community service I’m able to accomplish given the crushing teaching load at my university (this despite the Chancelor’s insistence that we work less and are paid more than our peer universities…but that’s a digression). Talking with colleagues, I’m on track; but I should’ve had this manuscript finalized early last fall, and here I am writing lectures on a Sunday trying to figure out how I’m going to send the re-revised manuscript in by the end of the week. What a mess.

But the take home message is, Hooray! Made it through the first major tenure hoop.



1. wry catcher - 19 February 2007

Yay! I can’t believe how hard you have to work for relatively little remuneration…but you do it well, so I guess loving what you do is a Good Thing. 🙂

2. Hellmut - 19 February 2007

Congrats, Todd!

3. mattblack - 20 February 2007

Rock on, dude!

4. chloe - 20 February 2007

hip hip hooray

5. liseysmom - 20 February 2007

Yay! That’s great Todd – keep up the good work!

6. Belaja - 21 February 2007

Hey! Congrabulations!

7. Todd - 22 February 2007

thanks all. i’m so stressed about the manuscript that i haven’t celebrated this yet. in due time!

8. diana s. - 27 February 2007

Congrats, Todd!

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