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Knowledge: Faith & Reason 21 December 2006

Posted by Todd in Academia & Education, Democratic Theory, Ethics, Law/Courts, Philosophy of Science, Religion, Science.

My alma mater (soul mother?) University of Kansas, Hall Center for the Humanities hosted a series of lectures this fall in their Difficult Dialogues series, including an amazing range of people talking about the role of religion and science in public life.  They are in RealMedia format, and so require RealOne Player. They are worth the time. I’m about 1/2 way through Judge Jones’ talk (the judge who presided over the Dover intelligent design case of last year), and will comment later.  Here’s a link to the Hall Center’s web site, and the links to all the talks.

KU: Hall Center for the Humanities



1. Dave Sigmann - 21 December 2006

Hey, I attended Richard Dawkins lecture with my wife. I think it was great for her to see so many atheists at one time (not that al in attendence were atheists, but one could tell from the timing of the applause, many were). Both of us enjoyed the lecture itself.

2. Todd - 23 December 2006

Hey Dave,
If I sent you some money, would you send me a Free State Brewery t-shirt?? Please oh please?

3. Doug - 26 December 2006

I just finished watching Dawkins. I got his book for Xmas and thought it would be fun to get a preview. I thoroughly enjoyed the speech; parts of his presentation were quite humorous.

thanks for the link

4. Dave W - 29 December 2006

Thanks for the pointer. Great stuff.

5. Todd - 29 December 2006

I only watched the Judge Jones talk (amazing, btw). I’ll have to take an hour for Dawkins next.

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