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My First Religious Troll! 13 November 2006

Posted by Todd in Blog, Religion.

It’s an auspicious day at the Hammer. Although I’ve had many Mormons responding to some of my posts (in general, they are respectful and engage me in argument), today I got my first religious troll telling me that I’ll get mine in the end! The comment was in response to one of my “religion and science” posts.

Disappointingly, it’s actually mediocre as far as religious troll comments go, but I’m excited to have popped my cherry. You know you’re doing something right if the wingnuts take the time to post. As usual, it’s full of creative spelling and barely discernable 4th grade grammar, and numbskull thinking.

Anywayz, I think you are too pragamtic and so you don’t really see the truth, about any huge religion such as christianity and Islam or Judheism. The similarities and all. Religion will and always will exist and common sense tells you that there is a reason why it exists and God is real and I am very insulted about the offhand way you speak about religion “At the same time , I do think there is something to religion that is worth saving” . As if you and anyone can change or destroy religion to “save”, excuuuuuuuse me. You will find out sooner or later as well as the rest of you pragmatics. It is through ignorance or misinterpreting the true meaning behind religion that has misguided you poor people, not to mention the people who influence you. May God help you all.

So precious. I really appreciate and welcome religious posters who want to engage in discussion, dialogue, debate…hey, that alliterated! But name calling and silly promises of eternal fire (albeit oblique in this comment) have only entertainment value.



1. Daniel - 14 November 2006

Okay, I’m a Christian and I cannot possibly tell you what a “pragamtic” is or what religion is being described as “Judheism”…LOL. Certainly, the poster meant “pragmatic” and “Judaism”, but I cannot be 100% positive.

That was too funny and yes, you must be doing something right to evoke such a response…Kudo!

2. Sideon - 14 November 2006

Imagine Steve Martin or Billy Crystal reading the paragraph out loud – it’s even more entertaining, especially when you to the “excuuuuuse me” part 🙂

3. Todd - 14 November 2006

Hi Daniel,
To be clear, I really like having believers here engaging me. And I have a fascination of my own with religion (as anyone who has read my posts will know). I hope you’ll feel free to post about your beliefs and points-of-view in the future.

4. from the ashes - 16 November 2006

Hi, Todd! Congrats on your first religious troll comment. I haven’t got any myself. Still in my virginity, lol.

I just discovered your blog and like what I see. Mind if I link it from my blog?

5. diana s. - 28 November 2006

does this mean i’m a pragmatic? i don’t think anyone has ever used “pragmatic” to describe me. kind of fun being pragmatic for a minute.

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