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Hooray! Torture Is Now Legal in the United States! 18 October 2006

Posted by Todd in Democratic Theory, War & Terrorism.

[Note: I’m almost through my manuscript crackdown and will be back to regular posting soon.]

Here’s Keith Olbermann’s commentary and an interview with a Constitutional Law Professor concerning the president’s recent signing into law of the bill that grants him the power to torture “enemy combattants” and to basically incarcerate and interrogate not only foreigners, but any American the administration wants to, without warrant, without council, without public hearing, and without trial by jury.  The Bill of Rights died last week, and America was silent. The legacy of generations of men and women who died for this country was just sullied and tainted by the arrogance of our Dictator in Chief. (Thanks Belaja for the youtube link.)



1. Belaja - 19 October 2006

I’m glad you posted this here too. I’m thinking I’ll post it on mine (though I doubt I have much readership anymoreLOL). I can’t believe people aren’t up in arms. I feel like we should be marching in the streets over this. (Woops, can we say that kinda thing in America now?)

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