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The End of the Castro 14 July 2006

Posted by Todd in Democracy, Gay and Lesbian Culture, Inequality & Stratification.

I’ve mentioned before my unease with the dissolution of gay neighborhoods around the nation and the problems this will create for gay and lesbian communities (Chicago, San Francisco, West Hollywood, D.C., etc., are all experiencing gradual end of their gay neighborhoods). Here in San Francisco, the straight move-ins to the Castro have started throwing their weight around, landlords have declined to renew leases on gay businesses, and stay at home straight moms with strollers are now screaming at the bears lazing away their Sunday afternoons in front of the Starbucks. Well, the Daily Show tackled the issue with hilarity, as usual. Watch the first half of their Wednesday night segment, “There Goes the Gayborhood” on salon.com (you’ll have to click through an ad to watch the clip if you’re not registered; it’s worth it).

The Daily Show July 12, 2006, “There Goes the Gayborhood” on Salon.com



1. Shannon - 15 July 2006

I promise me and Sam will never move to the Castro. And furthermore, no matter where we live we will never sound like that. And if we do, you have my full permission to poison us.

2. J. Todd Ormsbee - 17 July 2006

Oh man, you think he looked ridiculous in the first half of the segment, you should see the rest! You should poke around and see if someone put the whole thing up on line. What an ass, he was.

I doubt that either you or yer hubby-to-be could ever fall so far from grace that you would end up like that shmuck.

3. Mayan Elephant - 20 July 2006

i went to the castro theater with my kids for the wizard of oz sing a long. it was great that my kids won the costume contest and all. but for cryin out loud, can you believe the audacity of those gays to come to a family event? and more, a whole crowd of people came dressed as the yellow brick road and celebrated the marriage of steve and mike. golly. at a family matinee no less. what a shame. the wizard of oz is a family thang, right? right?

todd, to whom shall i complain? a family should be able to go to the wizard of oz, in the castro, for a costume event, and not see queer folk celebrating a marriage. oh me oh my.

lets go to the next sing a long together. that will really freak out the new tenants when you and i take the kids to a matinee. Ms. Elephant can have the afternoon off from parenting and enjoy shopping at her favorite co-op, on the now straightened-up polk street.

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