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Anti-Semitism in Delaware 8 July 2006

Posted by Todd in Christianity, Democracy, Democratic Theory, Judaism, News, Politics, Race & Ethnicity.

In the newly inaugurated “What the Fuck?” category, I just learned of the experiences of a Jewish family in Delaware who, along with another anonymous family, have sued the Indian River school district for relief from state-sponsored religion in their vehemently Christian public school. The family had to move to Willmington to escape retribution and ongoing harassment from the Christians. The story is apparently a couple years old, and I don’t know why I hadn’t heard of it, but I’m frankly so flaberghasted at the moment that all I can do is pass along this link to a run-down of events. [Edited to correct the link.]

Look at Street Prophets for a great commentary on recent developments.  It appears that Stop ACLU (a fascist group who have no clue what a civil right is (see my commentary about related issues here)) published the name of the other family, who were subsequently harassed. [Thanks Belaja for the heads up!]



1. Belaja - 8 July 2006

It gets worse. Have you been over at Jesus General lately?


(Sorry I can’t figure out how to do hotlinks here). Scroll down to the first entries for July 7 (currently about mid-way down the page). The first one is called, I believe “STACLU pogrom is a resounding success.” There is a group (or perhaps it’s just one guy) called Stop the ACLU.org (and/or .com) that published the address and phone number of the Dobrich family on their nutjob website as part of their “Expose the ACLU Plaintiff” project. It’s really sick fucking stuff. Apparently the family’s harrassment stepped up quite a notch when he published. From what I gathered, this same guy also started some kind of a white power/neo-nazi organization. (They’ve since taken it down–I guess at the advice of lawyers.)

The General has had quite a rousing correspondence with the guy who published the address. He and some of his fellow travelers have shown up in the comments section though. It’s seriously scary. I’m so fed up with this kind of shit. Really.

2. Belaja - 8 July 2006

Oh, look, it made a hotlink all by itself! This is really cool!

3. J. Todd Ormsbee - 8 July 2006

Thanks Belaja! I updated the main post accordingly.

4. J. Todd Ormsbee - 8 July 2006

Testing Belaja’s hypothesis that WordPress makes automatic hotlinks.


5. J. Todd Ormsbee - 8 July 2006

Hooray! We *heart* WordPress.

6. Belaja - 8 July 2006

Yes, not to hijack, but I am currently in the process of figuring out the bells and whistles of WordPress. I will probably move my blog over here when I do. I think people are put off from commenting on Xanga by the fact that you have to sign up with an account there to comment (among other annoying things). Or I could just be boring… 😉

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