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Genetics Research Clearinghouse (Blog) 7 July 2006

Posted by Todd in Biology, Evolution, Science.

With an eye to my future research (as soon as this damn book revision is done!), I’ve been trying to read a few more biology blogs (evolution, genetics, cognitive science) to hone my thinking in that area, and stumbled upon Mendel’s Garden, a clearinghouse of recent postings on genetic research. This blog then links you to each Edition of Mendel’s garden posted on various geneticists’ blogs (the most recent edition is published here at Hsien Liu’s blog, Health and Genetics). Even if you don’t read the entire posts, the Garden’s summaries are brilliant (in the British sense).



1. Hsien Lei - 7 July 2006

Hi! I’m so glad you enjoyed the last issue of Mendel’s Garden. Maybe you’d like to join us sometime? Any topic touching on genetics froms science to society and culture is fair game.

2. J. Todd Ormsbee - 7 July 2006

Hi Hsien,

Thanks for the invite. I’m a sociologist and so have precious little to add to primary research about genetics! My next big writing project I am going to try to apply a modified “naturalism” (à la John Dewey) to social theory, and so have begun educating myself in the basics of evolution, cognitive science, and to a lesser extent genetics. I’m excited about the project and enjoying getting out of social science proper to learn new things. Great blog, and yes, I really enjoyed your fun summaries on the Garden.

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