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Mormon Church Backs Anti-Gay Amendment 1 June 2006

Posted by Todd in Gay Rights, Homosexuality, Mormonism/LDS Church, News, Politics.

Well, I suppose this was to be expected, but it is irritating nonetheless, as the church sending out a letter to its U.S. membership instructing them to contact their senators to tell them to vote in favor of the constitutional amendment that would make all non-heterosexual relationships unconstitutional in the United States.

I'm beyond getting angry, at this point. Since the 1990s, when Hawaii and Alaska had pending court decisions and when Oregon and Colorado had ballot measures and constitutional amendments on the table, the Mormon church has dumped millions of dollars into anti-gay political campaigns and has repeatedly instructed its members how to vote. It was also during this period when the church's anti-woman, anti-gay Proclamation to the World was distributed. (See my response to the Proclamation here.) This is all especially irritating given the church's own history of alternative marriages (I myself am descended from two different “plural marriages”) and the church's 150 year old stance against imposing its beliefs on others in the public sphere. But since it has become the modus operandi of the church to perpetuate its homophobia and spread it around, joining ranks with conservative Catholics and right-wing evangelicals, I've ceased having the emotional response.

Even though I'm beyond anger at this point, I would like to channel some anger about the issue into the universe. Please see my cyber-friend Liseysmom's fabulous Post-Mormon Rant. And a fantastically sarcastic and thought provoking post from my cyber-crush, Equality,So Very Grateful.

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1. Randy - 5 June 2006

Well, we can at least take comfort knowing that this turkey will never fly. They’ll be lucky to get 50 votes in the Senate of the 67 they need to pass the Amendment on to the States, and the next Senate promises to have a few more Democrats in it. It’s all election-year politics.

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