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Who(m) did you exploit today? 22 March 2006

Posted by Todd in Capitalism & Economy, Cultural Critique, Inequality & Stratification.

Oh my god, I'm speechless. Even if you love capitalism, this is just freakin' funny.

This is from a show on MTV2 called Wonder Showzen, which I have never heard of until this morning on Salon.com.

Beat Kids 104 



1. infoshowzen - 22 March 2006

ya dog check out the fan site
wonder showzen fan site

2. diana s - 25 March 2006

oh my god, i am laughing HYSTERICALLY. that is the funniest thing i’ve seen in a long, long time!!!!

3. Todd - 26 March 2006

I know! I almost choked on my lunch when I watched it, and the little girl screamed, “Are you walking away from a child!?” Oh my god, priceless.

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